Metro Re-Uz-It Co., Inc.


Scrap Metal Buyers


(301) 699-1616

Metro Re-Uz-It Co., Inc.

Scrap Metal Buyers

4910 Lawrence Place, Hyattsville, MD 20781

(301) 699-1616


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#1 Copper Pipe

(Clean no contamination) 


#2 Copper Pipe

(With Solder or Paint)  

#1 Insulated Copper Wire

 (Minimum of 70% Copperto Insulation)


#2 Insulated Copper Wire

(Less than 70% Copper to Insulation) 






Irony AL CU Rads

 (Aluminum Copper Radiators with Iron)


AL CU Rads

 (Aluminum Copper Radiators)


Prices will fluxuate with the market conditions and may go up or down daily. Please call if you need the current market pricing.


Bare Bright Copper

 (Stripped Bright Wire)


Silver Copper Cable

 (Stripped Silver Wire)

Light Copper

(Roofing and Guttering) 


Coated Light Copper(Roofing and Guttering with solder or paint)

Wolverine Copper

(Copper Tubing With Coating)


Busbar Copper

(#1 Clean or #2 Silver)

4910 Lawrence Place

Hyattsville, MD 20781 

Phone:  (301) 699-1616